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Worked and preserved with the most advanced methodology and technology, Pagnan mushrooms maintain the authenticity and naturalness of a secular tradition. retail products
catering products
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To create quality means to totally satisfy our customers in their immediate needs. Quality also means to forecast and understand our customerís future requirements.
For this reason Pagnan is aware of the profound responsibility that involves not only satisfaction, but also involves customer well-being and health.

In 1997 the company acquired a control system based on rules introduced by the d.l. 155/97 to ensure the correct hygienic processes (HACCP).
The control quality department performs programmed checks on the production processes, on raw material quality and on final product quality. Quality analysis is performed in both internal and external laboratories.

In 2006 the production site of Asolo (TV) has obtained the CE marking for production of frozen meat and fish foodstuff.

The quality assurance is also guaranteed by the expertise of three mycologists. These mycologists are legally recognized and are responsible to keep our sorting personnel trained. They are also involved in continuous quality checks of raw materials and final products. In addition to the staff mycologists, the company works with nationally known mycologists to ensure the highest product quality.

The company goal is the constant improvement of the qualitative standards of the products through the attainment of the certification ISO 9000, ISO 22000. IFS and BCR previewed for 2008.

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