Supply Chain

Ours is a controlled chain managed at every stage. In this way we can ensure the supervision of hygiene requirements and the enhancement of product quality requirements. Thanks to a conscientious and responsible management of the critical requirements to obtain quality and health safety we assure the consumer a higher value product in terms of health and transparency of information, while the traceability of the typical requirements of the product or of its origin enables the protection of the unique aspects of food. In advance on the implementation of the European Regulation 178/2002, Pagnan has taken all the necessary procedures to ensure traceability, the ability to reconstruct the history of the product, involving all relevant actors from primary production to selling. Our company has developed various production processes in three establishments both historical (Crocetta del Montello), and recent constructions (Asolo), through our 100 years of work.

Our Cold Chain

IQF products are subjected to a deep-freezing process up to a temperature of -18° degrees,
or even less. Every stage of the cold chain is important to guarantee quality, hygienic standard
and food safety. We put extreme attention to all the stages that take place in all our plants.
That is why every phase, from the transportation and the receiving of the raw materials, to the processing and the storage in the cold rooms, is controlled and registered with the most sophisticated and modern systems. Everything is to give our clients a safe and controlled product, from the harvest to the consumption,working hard in all our channels to promote a culture of mushrooms, as well.

Our Technologies

Pagnan establishments are equipped with cutting edge plants.
IQF Freezers: allows freezing in a few minutes every single vegetable without adhesions between slices or cubes. So, you can freely cook the desired quantity of product and store the rest in the freezer.
→ IQF Cryogenic Freezers: for the preparation with high value-added products. It can reach -150° degrees thus allowing obtaining products of high quality.
Sanitizing: high-tech washing and cutting systems, without chemicals in the product washing water.

Our Laboratory

The best side of our technologies is in our laboratory. It is a rare investment that allows to firsthand verify the foods quality and to develop new products to launch into the market, to gather the most recent food trend. In addition, we dispose high speed packaging systems, the monitoring of every utility, water, electricity, and gas to eliminate waste, and an automatized control of all logistics processes from the entrance to the delivery of the products.


In this new era, also societies are called to have an important role in the environmental sustainability. Our motivation to follow this way is stronger because of our town: Asolo, the City of Hundred Horizons, as Giosuè Carducci defined it. He is just one of the great artists that had been fascinated by our old town, like Eugene Benson, Freya Stark, Eleonora Duse, Henry James, Robert Browning, Gian Francesco Malipiero, Igor Stravinsky ed Ernest Hemingway. Asolo is one of the Italians, little town most appreciated in the world. In every corner it preserves testimonies of its thousand-year-old history that starts in the XII century, starting from the fortress, Asolo’s symbol, that overlooks the hills. To visit Asolo allows you to combine the pleasure for history, culture, food, and wine. averns, restaurants, and wine bars overlook the square and the characteristics arcades. Asolo can enjoy both your eyes with the architecture and your palate with the Venetian culinary tradition and glasses of sparkling Prosecco Superiore DOCG.

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