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Our land, our starting point

We are in a special territory, from which unique products born, not only in the mushrooms sector. It is a hilly area at the foot of the Dolomites Mountains, characterized by green, the color of the environmental sustainability. In the last years, we have learnt to respect our territory and we want to promote this culture to all the stakeholders, from customers to suppliers, involving our personnel as well. The aim is to foster our commitment so that all the community could make the effort to adopt the right behaviors. We are sure that everyone can contribute to improve the current world situation with small actions, starting from taking care of our territory.

Respect for the environment

Our commitments concern in the adoption of energy produced by renewable sourcesand the promotion of an organic farming that involves the reduction and, where it is practicable, the elimination of pesticides and chemicals. We are still respecting these commitments, totally convinced by our actions.

Moreover, each utility of water, electricity, and gas is monitored through an integrated system, a technology that allows us to eliminate waste.





The last innovations that we are implementing regards packaging. On one side, 100% compostable packaging, with the aim to make it available for a range of products.

We have said no to the size impression, which concerns a more voluminous packaging to mislead the consumer to have a higher quantity of product. Our packaging has the necessary dimension to reduce the usage of plastic, because we are aware of the consequences that this waste causes. We are running for the scope to reduce as more possible the plastic component present in the packaging of dried products, to have a packaging with the highest percentage of paper possible.

Stop Wasting Food

Finally, we are committed in the fight against the food waste. In 2019, the study Do discounted food products end up in the bin? An investigation into the link between deal-prone shopping behaviour and quantities of household food waste published on the Journal of Consumers Studies, highlighted how every person wastes an average of 530 grams of still edible food every week.

This is the reason why we have implemented doypack pack with resealable zip to better conserve dried mushrooms also after the pack has been opened. Nevertheless, the greatest innovation comes from our quality and development department. It is the Smart Chef line. Defrosted mushrooms can be stored in the fridge at +4°C while maintaining all the organoleptic characteristics and chemical-physical-microbiological safety for up to 96 hours: what may seem trivial actually helps to reduce waste.

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