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Pagnan: our fresh100 years

1921 – 2021: for a century we have been guarding the woods of Montello and the Asolo hills, extending to the Carpathian Mountains. These areas are famous for the growth of spontaneous mushrooms and an axis of our supply chain that allows us to distribute products of excellence throughout Europe. We are not worried to use that word, because we constantly improve the accuracy in the survey of the harvest, the attention to the production in respect of the essential characteristics of the raw materials, the efficient in the storage and in the distribution.

Our values

From the experience of four generations of the Mazzarolo’s family, we take innovative ideas for a future that could see our society at the center of the frozen market: in Italy, in Europe, and in the United States of America. This presence is not based on the quantity, but on the quality.Who choses Pagnan, choses some values: Who choses Pagnan, choses some values: These values guide us in our development. They encourage us to reach the best European wooded site for the harvest of the food commodities, to adopt the last technologies of production and conservation as our optical sorter and the cold chain testify and respecting the firmest international certification standards.


To guarantee high standards.


To protect and enhance the origin of our products.


To contribute to solve environmental problems.


People before workers, . They are expert and constantly trained


To help, respect and guide their food choices

Research and Innovation

The optical sorter and the cold chain testify and respect the firmest international certification standards. From the dry mushrooms to the frozen ones, from the retail that concerns the large-scale distribution to the food service and the wholesale: we are always careful to markets and consumers’ demands and, besides of Porcini mushrooms, we propose a huge range of products which involves vegetables, fruits, and ready meals.

Our history

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Our daily commitment to the environment

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How we work

Controlled and managed supply chain at every stage

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